Dolphin spotting on boat in Benalmádena

In Benalmádena, dolphin spotting on boat is one of the most popular activities for both visitors and locals alike. Can you imagine experiencing it aboard a real classic sailboat? Come and meet us!

A comfortable and safe experience for dolphin spotting on boat in Benalmádena

Dolphin spoting on boat is a truly magical experience. Seeing these playful animals jumping and swimming around the boat is an exciting experience that you will never forget. And there is no better way than aboard an authentic sailboat with an experienced skipper and crew who take care of every detail to ensure maximum comfort and safety, an adventure not to be missed during your visit to Benalmádena.

The Ocean Cruiser, a classic sailboat equipped with everything you need for an exciting and safe experience

The Ocean Cruiser is equipped with everything you need for an exciting and safe experience. With an experienced skipper at the helm, you will head to the waters where the dolphins gather. Once there, you can feel the excitement and beauty of seeing these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Enjoy the stunning views of the coast of Benalmádena

Thanks to our privileged location, you can also enjoy the impressive views of the coast of Benalmadena while sailing on a classic sailboat. You will see mountains, beaches, and picturesque villages along the coast while you relax and enjoy the sun and the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean.

What is the best time of the year for dolphin sppotting on boat in Benalmádena?

It is important to note that although dolphins can be spotted year-round in Benalmádena, the best time to see them is during the summer months, between June and September, when weather conditions are more favorable and dolphins are more active. However, they are wild and free animals and we cannot guarantee their sighting on every occasion and trip we make.

Enjoy dolphin spoting in Benalmádena with the whole family

A boat trip in Benalmádena to see dolphins and other cetaceans is a perfect activity for the whole family, as it is both safe and fun. Don’t wait any longer, book your spot on our sailboat – they are limited! – and experience the excitement of dolphin spoting in Benalmádena through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Ocean Cruiser’s commitment to ensure a safe and respectful experience for everyone

Dolphin spoting is a nature-friendly activity that is carried out under strict regulations to minimize human impact on the environment and animals.

At Ocean Cruiser, we work closely with local experts and follow all regulations to ensure a safe and respectful experience for everyone.

Do I need to book a spot for a dolphin spotting tour on boat?

Although it is not necessary to reserve a spot for a ride on our sailboat for dolphin spoting, as we depart openly and publicly from the Benalmádena Marina port every hour, we do advise that you request your desired time and spot in advance as we have limited availability. Book now.

Don’t wait any longer and embark on our sailboat ride to enjoy the Mediterranean sea and dolphins.