Enjoy a Sea Bath with the Ocean Cruiser Sailboat in Benalmádena

Engage in a sea bath aboard the Ocean Cruiser Sailboat in Benalmádena, a simple yet delightful activity that adds a special touch to your maritime experience.

The Ocean Cruiser Sailboat: Your Ideal Companion at Sea

Safety and Comfort

On the Ocean Cruiser Sailboat, the safety and comfort of our passengers are paramount. With modern navigation equipment and robust safety measures, we ensure that your time at sea is calm and enjoyable.

Expert Skipper and Crew

Our team not only possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure safe navigation but is also dedicated to providing exceptional service. They will be at your disposal to ensure that your experience on board is comfortable and enjoyable.

Your Sea Bath

A Moment to Enjoy

Many of our customers appreciate the opportunity to swim in the open sea during a boat trip in Benalmádena. It is important to note that we take all necessary safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety on board.

What You Should Bring: Sea Bath

We recommend bringing a swimsuit and towel. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect yourself during your time in the water and on the deck.

Unique Experiences in the Sea of Benalmádena

Sailing through the waters of Benalmádena is an opportunity to admire marine landscapes and encounter diverse marine wildlife. Enjoy the sun on your skin, the gentle sway of the sailboat, and watching dolphins play in the sea.

Reservation Information

For more details or to book your experience, contact us. We are waiting to set sail with you!