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The Ocean Cruiser sailboat is located in the marina of Benalmádena, “Puerto Marina”. It’s a classic sailboat, built almost entirely of teak wood. With a history of over 40 years, proudly has sailed around the world twice and has a lot of interesting anecdotes. The Ocean Cruiser has participated in television programs, aesthetic events and fashion collections.



We, Margarita and Juan Carlos, we love sailing and the freedom it represents, so in 2012 we decided to open a family business to share our experience and devotion with other people.

In 2012 we travelled to Mallorca, where we bought this classic sailboat and we traveled along the Malaga coast. Since then, we are dedicated to tourist charters, dolphin spotting, and hourly rental with crew for multiple events such as birthdays, marriage proposals, anniversaries, bachelor/ette parties, family reunions or team building among others.

Due to the characteristics of the sailboat, it is also ideal for fashion shows, aesthetics and fashion collections.

We are also dedicated to teaching and training sailors and skippers. As a training ship, we collaborate in research studies with schools, colleges, even with the Aula del Mar itself. We also collaborate with different associations for people with disabilities.

We opted for a sailboat because sailing is very relaxing, the sailboat has the unique quality of merge itself with the waves and it feels incredible!

Besides, it’s more environmentally friendly.


Ocean Cruiser collaborates with these companies and associations.

AULA DEL MAR: through its students, via the Infomedusa programme in the research area and with many courses they carry out.

UNIVERSITY OF MÁLAGA (ANIMAL BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT): through internships and training courses for researchers and research projects about marine species.

UNIVERSIDAD LABORAL DE MÁLAGA: also, with internships, research and tests.

DIVING CENTRE in training and providing experience for students.

NAUTICAL SCHOOLS: in training, teaching and practice of the basics of seamanship and sailing.

LA CAIXA STAFF ASSOCIATION: in carrying out activities with kids with Down Syndrome.

Boat Sailboat Ocean Cruiser Puerto Marina

If you are interested in our boat and would like to come along, we have a booking form available; we look forward to seeing you on board of the Ocean Cruiser!

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